Empress Choice

Album cover : featuring Shireen B For AyanaBJoy

Empress Choice – Mellow Reggae Mix featuring some of the best singers of conscious and Lovers rock. Mixed by D33.


1.I’m the Roughest- Cocoa Tea
2.Hold on -Pinchers
3.Baby Stay -Frankie Paul
4.Why -Mykal Rose 
5.Joy- Chrisinti
6.So much love -George Nooks
7.Good Life -Cocoa Tea
8.Girl Friend-George Nooks
9.You standing there-Frankie Paul
10.If I was a Carpenter-John Holt
11.The Sun & Moon -Richie Stephens
12.Let Not your Heart -Everton Blender
13.Harder-Everton Blender
14.Ghetto people Song -Everton Blender
15.Hurry up and come-Cocoa Tea
16.Running back-Frankie Paul 
17.Mr.Collie – Mykal Rose
18.All out of Love -Frankie Paul 
19.Love got a hold-George Nooks
20.My Girl this -Richie Stephens 
21.Stars-Frankie Paul 
22.Punk me out-Pinchers
23.Can’t take my Girl-Richie Stephens 
24.Tek weh yu girl-Cocoa Tea
25.Can’t Hide-George Nooks 
26.Strength of your love-Richie Stephens 
27.Stranger in love -Frankie Paul 
28.Rain Drops -Richie Stephens 
30.Champion Bubbler -Pinchers
31.Banderlo- Pinchers
32.Make it Easy – George Nooks
33.Cassandra  – Frankie Paul 
34.My my my -Richie Stephens 
35.Star time-Cocoa tea
36.String nah Build we -Frankie Paul 
37.Sarah- Frankie Paul 
38.Suspicious minds- Frankie Paul 
39.Sugar-John Holt 
40.Wrote me a letter- Cocoa Tea
41.Loving that you want- Pinchers

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